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Mother’s anguish as she calls for information on third anniversary of son’s fatal stabbing

The mother of a fitness coach killed when he popped to a local shop spoke of her anguish today as police renewed appeals for information three years on.

Jude Gayle, 30, was stabbed as he returned home with a lollipop for his daughter and a bottle of ketchup for a family Sunday lunch in West Norwood on September 24, 2017.

He died in an alleyway at 5.39pm without knowing girlfriend Rachel Goodchild was expecting their second child.

Mr Gayle’s disabled mother Pett Roach, 61, said a “wall of silence” is protecting his killers despite a £20,000 police reward.

She has taken to wearing a “Justice for Jude” sandwich board when she goes out in south London to appeal for witnesses.

Mrs Roach told the Standard: “I walk up and down the high street with a sign saying: ‘To date the murderers have NOT been convicted’. I didn’t get a single call.

“It’s so painful because people know who killed Jude but they won’t say because they fear what will happen to their children and families.

“Three weeks ago, a man came to my house and cried that he wished he’d said something at the time. He wanted to find peace with himself.

“Last year, another man racked by guilt arrived and said: ‘Do you know how many times I’ve wanted to ring your door bell?’ He claimed he’d seen a video placing the suspects at the scene.

“It’s never too late to help us get justice.”

Mr Gayle’s partner was robbed of telling him she was pregnant with son Juelz, two. The couple already had a daughter, Serenity, aged five.

Ms Goodchild, 31, said: “She talks about him all the time and says: ‘I miss Daddy’.

“We have lots of conversations about Jude and Serenity is positive about him. I don’t want it to define them and ruin their lives too.”

Three men tried for Mr Gayle’s murder were acquitted at the Old Bailey in April in 2018.

Detective Chief Inspector Tim Wright, who is leading the investigation, said: “Jude was a family man and those who loved him have been left bereft.

“A number of witnesses came forward with information over the course of the last few years and we remain very grateful for this.

“However, I am convinced there are some people who have not yet come forward who could, even three years on, make a significant contribution to the investigation.

“Jude’s family have previously spoken eloquently of the pain of their loss and their desire to get justice for Jude.

“If you have been holding back, for whatever reason, I urge you now to examine your conscience, come forward and do the right thing.”

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