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Anthony Lynn says Tyrod Taylor fractured ribs in Week One

Another day, another previously unknown detail emerges regarding the Tyrod Taylor situation.

Appearing Thursday morning on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Chargers coach Anthony Lynn disclosed that Taylor suffered broken ribs early in the Week One game against the Bengals.

“The young man fractured his ribs early in the game the first week,” Lynn said regarding Taylor. “No one knew it. He’s a tough guy. He’s going to stay on that field and fight for his teammates. I knew something was wrong just by the way he moved around in the game a little bit, but he just told me it was sore. And so we get an MRI, I believe Thursday, and that’s when we found out the ribs were cracked. So we put him on the injury report at that time with the ribs and, you know, and then the injection and just complication with the injection before the game. It happens all the time — not the complications, but guys get injected all the time with that before the game.”

Lynn declined to “get into detail” about the bad injection “because I got to protect the privacy of the players and everyone in the organization.” (Most importantly, Lynn has to protect the organization. While plenty of bad medical outcomes happen through no fault of anyone, common sense suggests that a needle intended to numb a rib fracture should not actually go past the ribs and into one of the organs the ribs protect.)

Meanwhile, Taylor apparently suffered in silence with broken ribs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and through practice on Thursday. The fact that the Chargers didn’t disclose Taylor as having a rib injury means that they claim they didn’t know.

Even if they did know. Or at a minimum should have known. As Lynn said, he could tell “something was wrong” with Taylor. But the Chargers didn’t ask and/or Taylor didn’t tell and the end result was that five days went by before Taylor’s broken ribs (plural) made their way onto the injury report.

Which proves yet again that there’s plenty of inside information in and around NFL teams that never makes its way to the injury report.

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